Hodaya Cohen Bonard I was raised in a musical home, where my uncle, Shmu'el Terri, is a tenor singer and was the student of Beniamino Gigli. My mother, Miriam Cohen, is a singer deeply rooted in Israeli music.
I began my musical journey in 1988, as a singer in the Israel Kibbutz Choir, conducted by Avner Itai. Here I discovered the beauty and joy of classical music and harmonic singing. During these years I attended the Rimon School to study Jazz and contemporary music. At the same time, I was dancing Flamenco at the Silvya Doran Studio.

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הקול החופשי עבודה בקבוצות וליחידים
עבודה קולית אישית או במסגרת קבוצה שמטרתה להביא מימוש וחופש ביטוי חדש בכל תחום בחיינו.
הקול החופשי עבודה קולית לקבוצות וליחידים
עבודה קולית אישית או במסגרת קבוצה שמטרתה להביא מימוש וחופש ביטוי חדש בכל תחום בחיינו
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Soul Voices Workshops
Finding the Inner voice

In some places in Africa, when the future mother is aware to her wish to give birth,
she goes out of the village and sits under a tree. She listens to the surrounding nature and
to the nature within until she hears the song of her futu...
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In these intensive two to four days 'Soul Voices' workshop we do a unique combination of classical vocal techniques with body oriented psychotherapy techniques. Together with voice practice, it includes experiencing various tools such as movement, touch, drawing, writing and meditation.

Word Music
I participated in two international projects – “Orian”, “Come” and “Ras Assatan” - that were recorded in a number of countries and the Sinai peninsula at the same time. During the project in Sinai, I met musiciansfrom around the world for a joint composition.
During this time, I performed with vari...

In Concert
Today, after an exciting long journey around the world, I perform as an alto singer in concert productions.
Tel +972 50 4527072 hodayabonard@gmail.com
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